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Oasis Webinar - 17 June 2021





Oasis Webinar 

17th June 2021

2.30pm UK





Dickie Whitaker, Chief Executive (Oasis LMF)   


The benefits of using Oasis             

Maximilian Strasser, Managing Director (Guy Carpenter)             

Iwan Stalder, Head of Group Accumulation Management (Zurich)                     


Lightning pitches - Modellers                                              

Will Gardner, Founder, Managing Director (Combus) 

Stephen Hutchings, Head of Modelling (JBA Risk Management) 

Sarka Cerna, Head of Product Development for EMEA, APAC & Canada (Impact Forecasting)

Andrew Smith, Chief Operation Officer (Fathom) 


Lightning pitches - Hosting companies                               

James Lay, Commercial Director (Nasdaq) 

Steve Smith, Director, Insurance & Product Modelling (QOMPLX) 

Justin Davies, SVP, Head of Region, EMEA (Xceedance) 

Chris Ewing, Head of Client Management (Impact Forecasting)


Short Summary and introduction into breakout sessions.             




1. How to get models into Oasis 

Johanna Carter, Business Analyst (Oasis) 

This session focusses on the design element of representing a model in Oasis file formats. It covers an overview of the kernel calculations and the model file structures, how uncertainty may be represented in hazard and damageability, and a walkthrough of some example model files.

2. Deployment Options 

Ben Hayes, CEO (Oasis Palm Tree)

This session will give an overview of the various methods to deploy and run a model in Oasis, including in-house and hosted options. We will cover the differences between and the benefits of the various options available, and highlight some of the resources available to help you with your choice.

3. ODS and Exposure Data Conversion

Matt Donovan, Programme Manager (Oasis LMF)

This session will give an overview of Open Data Standards (ODS) focussing on the Open Exposure Data (OED) aspect. There will be some presentations from existing users of OED who will be sharing their experiences of converting data and using OED in their everyday modelling practices.

·       ODS Overview (Matt Donovan, OasisLMF)

·       IDF ITWG Project (Stuart Fraser, WB)  

·       Data Conversion and Using OED by Ascot (Tristan Lloyd, Ascot)

·       Data Conversion and Using OED by Guy Carp (Maximilian Strasser, Guy Carpenter)

·       Q&A 


Should you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly via email.