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PyData London

Mark Pinkerton, Chief Technology Officer of Oasis will be talking about Oasis at the PyData London workshop on 5th February from 7-9pm


The event is fully booked but get in touch with us direclty (mark.pinkerton@oasislmf.org) and we will try to arrange a ticket for you, or you can add your name to the waiting list here.


Oasis: an open source framework for the modelling of natural disaster risk

Open catastrophe modelling using Oasis LMF
- history and use of catastrophe models in (re)insurance, and the Oasis mission to provide choice and insight through open software and standards
- anatomy of a cat model - simple example using Jupyter, Pandas, Bokeh + the oasislmf package
- the future - understanding model uncertainty, application of ML to model building, new data sources