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Engaging with our community

Oasis is a community of experts developing open source software, models and associated tools. This growing community seeks to collaborate in order to solve some of industry and societies problems.

Ways to engage

There are many other ways to engage, including:

  • Use our software 
  • Review and edit our software through GitHub
  • Contribute models and datasets to the growing community
  • Attend workshops and seminars to help improve the tools and data we have and improve the world of cat modelling
  • Test and License models in Oasis 
  • Join the debate
  • Hold events around Oasis topics 
  • Direct people towards us
  • Promote Oasis and its values and services and its community
  • Adopt our core values and use the Oasis brand and logo 

Whatever the activity, our team will help by providing advice, information and contacts, and speakers to talk at events.


Getting started

- Checkout the code on GitHub

- To discuss system and model evaluation contact the Oasis team: support@oasislmf.org 

- Attend an event


Oasis Community

The Oasis LMF community includes insurance and reinsurance underwriting and broking companies, as well as institutions and companies who provide products and services.

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