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Oasis Brand & Guidelines

We hope that the following guidelines and material will help you understand about the overarching Oasis brand, what it stands for and how you can use it. If you have similar ideals and goals to us you are welcome to use the Oasis logo.

Please visit our logo guidelines for more information.

Brand Manifesto

Our brand Manifesto

To adapt and survive in an increasingly volatile planet, we need to work together, we need to share data, to pool resources and to act collectively. We are a collective of Insurers, academics and policymakers, the pioneers of an open market for climate related intelligence. Our mission is to be a catalyst for practical responses to the severe climate-related risks that society faces.

Our values

Oasis is a community with a distinctive world view. The solutions we power are a beacon of clarity in an uncertain world.

One voice

We are a community of many different disciplines. We communicate with a wide range of audiences. But we share one vision and speak with one voice.

Logo and Guidelines

There are many facets to the Oasis community. We have multiple products and audiences. So within our master brand identity, individual business areas are designated their own signature identities.

For more information about our typography guidelines please click below.
Typography Guidelines


For more information about our logo guidelines please click below.
Logo Guidelines

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