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Where can I download the code? 

The code and all relevant files can be accessed via GitHub


How can I learn more about Oasis and catastrophe modelling? 

Head to the Oasis Information Library to access documents, videos and other relevant material related to Oasis, catastrophe modelling and its industry. 

How do I gain access to more models? 

More models can be added to the user account once agreements with the vendors are in place. 

However, the majority of models can be accessed for a limited time for evaluation purposes via a hosted environment.

Please contact the Oasis team for more information on this option. 

Where can I sign-up to receive Oasis updates via email?

Just enter your email address here 

How can I benefit from Oasis?

What are the components of the ecosystem? 

  1. Oasis Platform is a catastrophe modelling system that encompasses a set of data standards: an API, and tools and components for building and running models. 
  2. Oasis User Interface (UI) is a web-based application for unloading exposure data, running models deployed in Oasis, and retrieving results data. 
  3. Oasis Model Development Kit (MDK) is a set of tools for building, calibrating and creating a model, ready to be deployed into the Oasis Platform. 
  4. Oasis Model Library is a hosted catalogue for Oasis models hosted in AWS. 

How can I join Oasis as...


…a Member?

Insurers, Reinsurers, Brokers and Financial Institutions can join Oasis as a Member. To find out more, please get in touch with us via email (admin@oasislmf.org). 

Benefits: Members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and also to attend the Members’ Advisory Group. TheMembers approve the accounts and appoint the Board and direct the strategy of Oasis at the Annual General Meeting. 2-days per year of free training and other benefits. 


…an Associate Member? 

Send us an email (info@oasislmf.org) with the following information:  
   - Company Name
   - Company URL
   - Full name of the main contact person of your company 
   - Email address of the main contact person
   - Company logo in high-res format
Note: The full name and email address will be made available on our website, and you will automatically be added to our mailing list.

Benefits: Associate Members represent a broad community – academic suppliers, software developers and other organisations. Each can collectively appoint two members to the Members’ Advisory Group.

Who else is Oasis collaborating with?

  • Oasis is part of a research centre for greener global finance. 
  • Working with Insurance Development Forum (IDF) on interoperability, & global exposure projects.
  • Working with IDF on filling the gaps for non-modelled and emerging territories.
  • Working with UNISDR on new global risk assessment framework (GRAF).


How to engage with the Oasis community?

There are many ways to engage with the Oasis community. Find out more on our community page and get started. 


What are Open Data Standards (ODS)?

ODS are an open-source data format to promote data consistency and solve interoperability issues in the cat modelling community. This market initiative is curated by Oasis but governed by a Steering Committee of market practictioners and contains model-agnostic, open data schemas for exposure (OED) and results (ORD) data. Find out more here.