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Where can I download the code? 

The code and all relevant files can be accessed via GitHub -  https://github.com/OasisLmf


Can I get data from you? 

No. For more information visit the Oasis Hub.


Do you offer support? 

Support requests should be sent to support@oasislmf.org

Where can I sign-up to receive Oasis updates via email?

Just enter your email address here 

How can I become a Member?

Send us an email. We will be in touch. 

How can I become an Associate Member?

Send us an email. All we need from you:
   - Company Name
   - Company URL
   - Full name of the main contact person of your company 
   - Email address of the main contact person
   - Company logo in high-res format
Note: The full name and email address will be made available on our website, and you will automatically be added to our mailing list.