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Community Members


Members can vote at the Annual General Meeting and attend the Members' Advisory Group, which advices the board. The Annual General Meeting approves accounts and renumeration and appoints the Members' advisory board and also appoints the board to run the company.

Associate Members

Associate Members represent the many other parts of the community - acedemics, suppliers, standard monitors, and other related organisations - who can collectivly appoint two members to the Members' Advisory Group.

Model Providers

Up to 70 models from 12 different providers will be delivered to Oasis users during 2017, some subject to market demand as below. Models are at different levels of preparation but all can be available within a relatively short period of time. We call these stages:

  • Off the shelf: deployment work has been completed
  • Ready when needed: available within a few weeks to three months, about the same length of time it would take a new user to go live;
  • Converted to order: models can be available in around six months subject to demand

Off the shelf models are available from ARA (US Hurricane), Cat Risk (middle east earthquake), Combus (Australia), JBA (UK flood) and UCL (Northwest Pacific tsunami). Ready when needed models will be available from ERN (Central America and Europe Earthquake), Impact Forecasting (see below), with more flood models from JBA (Europe and Asia flood) and CatRisk (Africa earthquake), within a few weeks to 3 months from now. In the converted to order category, technical feasibility and preparatory work has been completed for ImageCat’s U.S. earthquake model and KatRisk’s North America comprehensive flood model (which includes storm surge), as well as models from Guy Carpenter and Willis Towers Watson. These models can be made available within a period of around 6 months subject to client demand.

In addition to the above, the first open access Europe Windstorm model will be made available on the Oasis platform. Supported by the Copernicus WISC (Windstorm Information Service) climate change initiative, hazard, vulnerability and exposure will be available.