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Additional Papers and Articles

Expand your knowledge about catastrophe modelling with articles and relevant documents from the Indusrty. 

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Uncertainty, imprecision, and the precautionary principle in climate change assessment
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Pricing risk-based catastrophe bonds for earthquakes at an urban scale

Comparing an insurer’s perspective on building damages with
modelled damages from pan-European winter windstorm
event sets: a case study from Zurich, Switzerland

Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change Assessment: Part II:
Projected Response to Anthropogenic Warming


The RMS TC-Rain Model
LINK - Meteorologische Zeitschrift 

Modelling clustering of natural hazard phenomena and the effect on re/insurance loss perspectives
LINK - ResearchGate

Statistical modelling of North Atlantic tropical cyclone tracks
LINK - Tylor & Francis

Tropical cyclone simulations over Bangladesh at convection permitting 4.4 km & 1.5 km resolution
LINK - scientific data

Normative approach to risk management for insurers
LINK - Nature Climate Change

Managing Physical Climate Risk—Leveraging innovations in catastrophe risk modelling | Research report
LINK - The Geneva Association 

Natural Hazard Risk Assessment for an Insurance Program

Making confident decisions with model ensembles
LINK - The University of Chicago Press Journal 

The Most Dangerous Model:
A Natural Benchmark for Assessing Model Risk

Comparison of Local and Basinwide Methods for Risk Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Landfall

Quantifying the sources of simulation uncertainty in natural catastrophe models
LINK - Sprinter 

Adjusting catastrophe model ensembles using importance sampling, with application to damage estimation for varying levels of hurricane activity

Extreme wind return periods from tropical cyclones in Bangladesh: insights from a high-resolution convection-permitting numerical model

Impact of future tsunamis from the Java trench on household welfare: Merging geophysics and economics through catastrophe modelling 
LINK - Science Direct  

Climate Change Risk Assessment for the Insurance Industry
LINK - The Geneva Association 

A global flood risk modeling framework built with climate models and machine learning