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Section 2


This section demostrates some key technical aspects of financial modelling and software installations. 

Oasis Financial Component

Joh Carter, Business Analyst (Oasis LMF) and Peter Taylor, Former CTO (Oasis LMF) cover the key aspects behind the Oasis financial engine and the statistical approaches used to create the financial losses in Oasis.

Accompanying Document: Oasis Financial Module.

Oasis Installation Guide: Windows 10 OS 


Oasis Installation Guide: Linux Based OS 


Oasis Technical Workshop 

The separate topics covered in this workshop can be accessed directly at the times below:
* Intro and Overview of Oasis Platform and Architecture - Mark Pinkerton
* Open Data Standards (ODS) - Matt Donovan (25:44​)
* Building a Model Using the Model Developer Kit - Ben Hayes (39:10​)
* A Run Through of the Oasis User Interface - Matt Donovan (1:19:00​)

Oasis UI – Walkthrough

A narrated demonstration of the Oasis User interface and the process for running a cat model.

Oasis UI – Bitesize

Short demonstration of the Oasis User Interface and the key components of running a cat model.