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Section 5


This section contains material from the wider Oasis community and provides insight on key and current topics in and around the cat modelling space.

Climate Change: A Paradigm Shift in Catastrophe Modelling 

PANEL DISCUSSION - Moderated by Dickie Whitaker, Chief Executive (Oasis LMF) 

Dr. Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Head of Portfolio Risk Management (Lloyd’s) - 2:17
Dr. Richard Dixon, Director (CatInsight) - 11:28
Prof. Adam Sobel, Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and of Earth and Environmental Science (Columbia University, NY)  - 20:31
Dame Julia Slingo, Consultant (Bristol University) - 30:21

Open Discussions (18:33​ - 20:30​), (29:29​ - 30:21​), (43:34​ - 51:34​)

This panel discussion outlines the key aspects of climate change and the considerations required when incorporating it into catastrophe models from various perspectives. It covers the deficiencies in current cat models used in the (re)insurance industry and how regulators now require the market to follow a more robust and extensive internal process to manage and communicate the potential impacts of climate change on their business.

A key topic is the necessity for collaboration between the academic and private sectors. It’s vital that the re/insurance industry utilise the latest science and modelling approaches to ensure climate change is accurately captured in the cat models they use when managing their cat exposure.

The Future of
Catastrophe Modelling

Dr Tom Philp, Director (Maximum Information) provides his insight into the failures and successes of cat modelling processes in the past and present before concluding with his view of cat modelling in the future.

The Future of
Catastrophe Modelling

Paul Nunn, Senior Adviser (SCOR Global P&C) gives his insight into how cat modelling might be approached and applied in the future.

The Future of
Catastrophe Modelling

Professor Ralf Toumi, Co-Director, Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment, (Imperial College London) provides his academic perspective of how cat modelling might develop in the future with more collaboration with academia.